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    Fulfillment Services Pricing

    Our standard US fulfillment, storage and platform pricing is as follows.

    Pick & Pack

      Products in Order Included Add-Ons per Shipped Box
    Basic 1-2 none $3.00
    Intermediate 3-5 Up to 1 $4.50
    Complex 6+ Up to 2 $6.00
      *Each unique SKU is a product    

    Add-Ons (à la carte pricing)

    White spiral packaging fill $0.50  
    Colored spiral packaging fill


    Bubble wrap 


    required for fragile objects
    Tissue paper


    Apply sticker


    per location
    Use custom tape


    Use non-standard packaging


    in addition to packaging cost
    Cool packs


    required for hot climate + meltable product
    Other services available, pricing on request

    Always Included!

    Stock packaging (box or polybag, Brilliant branded water-activated tape, Brilliant branded eco bags, and kraft paper box cushioning) free does not include custom, non-standard packaging or specific packaging requests
    Label generation, tracking free  
    Commercial invoice creation for international shipping free  
    DDP shipping / VAT & duties management free  
    Recipient support free  
    Return labels and intake free does not include shipping cost

    Custom Kit & Assembly

    For gifts and campaigns that require more than 2 add-ons or other special handling, a custom kit & assembly charge will be quoted in advance and apply in lieu of the standard pick & pack charge.

    For example, for a new hire kit with 5 SKUs and tissue paper, a sticker and custom printed packing tape will have a set kit & assembly fee that applies instead of the standard pick & pack charges above. 

    If that new hire kit is fulfilled in combination with other items, the kit & assembly fee will be added to standard pick & pack fees derived from the other items in the order.


    Our storage pricing is simple. We charge 1% of the value of your inventory for the upcoming month, based on the value of your inventory in stock on the first of the month, unless otherwise arranged in writing.

    Storage includes unlimited SKUs. 

    Storage is billed per unique Store. If products are shared between stores, their storage cost will be charged to only one store.

    In some cases, a monthly minimum may apply based on volume and velocity. If a minimum applies, a Brilliant teammate will let you know in advance.

    Last updated Jan 11, 2023 (specified additional add-on pricing)

    Platform Pricing

    Brilliant platform products allow you to access your gifts and merchandise, delegate distribution within a team, your organization, or to recipients themselves, track campaign metrics, attribute costs and understand ROI.

    Our platform pricing is based on the product(s) you integrate with your Stores. 


    Storefront is a modern ecommerce store for your merchandise and gifting inventory, with a simple UI and variety of powerful configuration options.

    Basic Storefront Enterprise Storefront
    $750 setup (includes first year of access)
    $50 / month access
    Custom setup and pricing
    What's included:
    • Custom branded storefront experience with basic design services
    • Delegate access to specific teammates or your whole company
    • Specify delivery date on checkout
    • Orders ship within 1 business day
    • Tracking emails
    • Optional delivery notices
    • Economy international shipping
    • Super responsive and friendly recipient support
    All features of Basic, plus the following based on your needs:
    • Custom design options
    • Public-facing storefront
    • SSO (e.g., Okta, Azure)
    • Slack integration
    • Custom domain name
    • Virtual currencies
    • Budgets
    • Approvals
    • Custom fields
    • Gift codes and promo codes

    Common Storefront Additions

    Credit Card Processing Fee
    3% if your Storefront accepts credit cards
    On-Demand Notecard $2

    Preferred Gift

    Preferred Gift is the streamlined, secure, and on-brand way to collect preferences, like size, color and address information, from your gift recipients, with just their email address. Our Preferred Gift Dashboard allows you to easily track campaign engagement in real time.

    Preferred Gift
    $250 campaign setup (includes first 3 months)
    $25 per month per active campaign
    What's included:
    • Custom branded landing page (basic design services)
    • Custom branded campaign emails (basic design services)
    • Engagement dashboard
    • Super responsive and friendly recipient support
    • Design and feature customization available on request (additional cost may apply)

    Brilliant for Salesforce

    Brilliant for Salesforce is our Salesforce integration. Brilliant for Salesforce makes it easy for your sales team to send impactful, thoughtful gifts to leads and clients at any stage in the funnel. 

    In addition to our standard product curation and campaign design services, Brilliant for Salesforce includes in-depth custom onboarding, docs for your team, and ongoing user success programming based on your goals. Custom reporting and analytics setups are also available.

    Brilliant API

    Our Brilliant API makes it possible for our clients to build custom applications and provide access to your stored gifts and merchandise in any context you can dream up.

    Pricing is based on usage and service levels, starting at $1,000 for setup (includes first year of access) and $50 per month access fees. Reach out to your Creative Partner for custom pricing.

    Last updated June 28, 2022 (added "common storefront additions")