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    What is Storefront?

    Make your branded merchandise available to your team, your company, your clients and even the general public—from across the US to around the world—with Brilliant’s proprietary Storefront program.

    Storefront is our end-to-end solution to storage and distribution for branded merchandise. Storefront includes full-service warehousing and fulfillment for your goods, plus our online store software and administrative interface. This gives you full access to inventory, statements and ordering from anywhere. 

    Say goodbye to overstuffed office storage closets, mysterious product locations, and incorrect inventory counts. Moving your branded merchandise into Storefront assures you real-time access to inventory counts, and the ability to easily ship items anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

    Benefits of Storefront

    • Take advantage of volume pricing discounts by purchasing branded merchandise in advance.
    • Always have inventory ready for last-minute events and campaigns, even products with longer lead times.
    • Never worry about out-of-stock items, rush production charges, or expedited shipping.
    • Stop struggling with packaging or trips to the post office.
    • Share inventory within or between teams, with detailed monthly statements and a variety of accounting configurations
    • Use reporting features to get real-time insight into orders placed, inventory levels, product popularity and more.
    • Use privacy settings for team control (or not), promo codes and gift cards for incentivized shopping, and easily track orders like the best-of-the-best ecommerce sites.
    • Send your products anywhere in the world