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    Types of Stores

    Storefront not only allows you to send merch at any time, but you can designate who can send your swag, too. Each store can be set up with one of the access settings so your products can be sent to the people, by the people. 

    Team Store

    Only people who have been added by a store admin may access and place orders. Users in a team store will receive an email with a link to join your store, so this mode is good for limiting access to certain people within a team.

    Company Store

    Anyone with a company email address can access store and place orders. No invite is needed, so once their Brilliant account is set up, users can use the store. 

    Public Store

    In Public mode, anyone can access the store and view its products, without registering for a user account. A user account is created for each person upon completing the checkout process.

    User Management & Privileges

    Each store can include an unlimited number of users, and storefront offers a few different user privileges: 

    General User

    Store users are anyone that have access to your storefront, can place store orders, and can see the order history for their personal orders. 


    Can see store inventory and order history. Can add users to store, and designate them as approvers and admins. Can designate as many admins as needed. 


    Can approve orders only, and only in stores where approval is required. Can designate as many approvers as needed. 


    Oversees the store setup, and receives all monthly store statements for billing and low inventory reminders. Typically there are only one or a few managers, and store managers are typically also store admins to get a full view of the storefront.