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    Setting up a Store

    1. Define your goals and audience with your main point of contact at Brilliant, your dedicated Creative Partner.
    2. Brilliant creates a curated catalog of product ideas for you.
    3. Iterate with your Creative Partner to choose the perfect items for your Storefront program.
    4. Get pricing and purchase inventory based on expected volume 
    5. Work with your Creative Partner to set up an online store based on your needs
      • We’ll help you with design elements, copy, photos, privacy and accounting settings
    6. Inventory is delivered directly to the Brilliant warehouse 
    7. Your online store launches! 
    8. Brilliant fulfills orders as they come in 
    9. Track orders in real-time from your dashboard, receive monthly statements and pay any balance due (or receive payouts) on a monthly basis 

    Placing an Order

    Add Items to Store Cart

    Clicking on each product will show you some details about the product, the cost, and the current stock available for that item. Some products have multiple colors, so you can also see the stock of the different colors when on a specific product’s page. 

    To order a product, click the item on the homepage. This will take you to the individual product page. To add the item to your cart, type in the quantity you’d like to order and click “Add to Cart”.

    Once you’ve added a product to your cart, a side modal will populate showing what’s in your cart. You can either click “Keep Shopping” to go back to the homepage and add more items to your cart, or “Check Out” to start the checkout process.

    Checking Out

    Once you’ve added all of the items you want to send to your cart, click “Check Out” in your cart. You can always access your cart on the top right of the store.

    The first check out screen will allow you to confirm the quantities and items you added to your cart. To remove an item, click the gray “x” to the right of the item listing. To change the quantity of an item, update the number you’d like to order in the quantity text box.


    Once you are satisfied with the items in your order, click “Check Out” to continue.

    Shipping Info

    The shipping info screen is where you’ll provide the shipping address for the order. For this, you will need to know the shipping address you want to send your order to. Any non-US address does also require a local phone number for delivery. 

    After the shipping address is entered, you can click “Save this address” if you want this address to save for future orders. For future orders, this page will populate saved addresses first and give you the option to select a saved address or enter a new one.  

    Click “Calculate Shipping” to calibrate the shipping costs, then click “Next” to finish the check out process.

    Payment Information

    This screen is the last part of the checkout process where you can confirm shipping information, cart information, and provide payment information if your store collects credit card information. Your store may require additional information like approvers, selecting a department, etc. If it does, check out more information on those here.

    Confirm Order

    Once you’ve entered everything through the checkout process, clicking “Complete Order” will submit the order for fulfillment. You will receive an email stating the order has been received with details summarizing your order.

    Order Tracking & Status

    Keep tabs on your swag at all times, even after you've placed your order. Once you place a store order through your storefront, you'll receive an automatic email confirmation that the order was received with details summarizing your order. You can also check the status of your order in the “Order History” tab on your store, which is located in the top right of the store’s homepage.

    Once your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking information. Any questions around order status, returns, and general support can be directed to [email protected]. You can also reply directly to the order confirmation or tracking email to connect with the Support team!

    Cancelling an Order

    If needed, Brilliant orders can be cancelled before they ship. If your order has not shipped and is able to be cancelled, you can cancel in your “Order History” on the top right toolbar or when you click “Manage Order” from the confirmation email. If cancelled, you will receive an email confirming the cancellation.

    Delivery Notifications

    Any storefront can enable delivery notifications by email or Slack so you can know exactly when your order is delivered. This can be a great tool if you're sending an order to someone and want to follow-up to make sure they received the order. 

    Your Creative Partner can help enable email delivery notifications, so let them know if you would like this feature added for your store. For full details on how to enable Slack delivery notifications, click here.

    Store Checkout Features

    All of these settings are optional, but these additional features are available for storefronts throughout the checkout process.

    Deliver By

    If a Deliver By date is selected, Brilliant will ship your order to ensure it arrives on or before that date. Expedited shipping charges may apply, and if so, they will be reflected in the shipping costs before completing the order. 

    We're in the business of good timing, but sometimes things out of our control can cause delays. If possible, we do recommend padding the deliver by date to account for those unforeseen delays. 

    Note that if you select a Deliver By date that is a ways away, our team will hold your order for you, and then will ship your order so it arrives no more than 3 business days before your requested date. This is useful for tradeshows and other events where having your items stored on site is undesirable.

    If you don't select a Deliver By date, we will ship your order either today or on the next business day, depending on what time you submit your order. 


    See exactly who from what team is placing orders and easily reconcile costs by enabling the departments features. You can list as many departments as you need, and users will be prompted to select what department they are in from a dropdown list before completing the order. If enabled, this will be required, so users cannot confirm their order without making a selection.

    Your Creative Partner can help load the departments you need, and they can edit these if you need to add or remove any from the list.


    We know your teams may need approval to send swag, and that's okay!

    With Storefront's approvers feature, a user must select an "order approver" from a list designated approvers. When anyone places a store order and selects an approver, the listed approver is immediately notified of the order details and can "approve" or "cancel" the order. Brilliant will only fulfill orders once the approver has confirmed the order. Don't worry, we send reminders if an order hasn't been approved.

    Store admins can designate individual approvers to keep up with any team changes, but as always, your Creative Partner can help adjust any permissions settings.

    Custom field

    If you need to track internal project codes, event names, or reasons for ordering, Brilliant can add a custom field to help document any pertinent order information.

    On-demand printed message

    Add that extra personal touch to each order with an on-demand printed notecard, and Brilliant will print what you write and add it in the final order. These cards are printed with your company's logo in the letterhead, and Brilliant can load your brand's custom font into the store for that extra level of branding. 

    Our on-demand notecards are $2/card and are billed as utilized.


    Delegate spending for your teammates by setting store budgets for all users. Budgets can be set to refresh based on your finance schedule (yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily), and users can always see their available budget throughout the shopping experience. The total amount of a store order will be taken out of a user's budget.

    Any store admin can also set a custom budget for an individual user, or add additional budget for anyone that runs out.

    Batch Orders

    There are so many reasons to send swag, and sometimes you need to send the same orders to multiple recipients. Brilliant can help you place batch orders to save you time in the future. To do this: 

    1. Email your Creative Partner or [email protected] to receive our drop ship list template. This will capture all of the shipping and gift information - you can even include an on-demand message here (if your store has this feature enabled).
    2. Send your completed drop ship list to your Creative Partner or [email protected]

    Be sure to note what product(s) should be in each order!

    Once our support team confirms, your orders will be processed as normal! You'll be able to see the order in your store's history, and get tracking once the orders ship.

    [Coming soon!] Batch Order List Upload You can upload your list of orders and select what gift they should receive, all without leaving your storefront.

    Ordering for Events

    Placing a store order for an upcoming event and need labels attached to the shipping boxes? We can help! Just add an “Event Shipping Label” to your cart, upload your PDF label, and our fulfillment team will take care of the rest. If you forget to add an Event Shipping Label before checking out, please use your dashboard to cancel the order and place it again with the label attached properly. Adding labels to your order when you place it will ensure that our fulfillment team receives the labels at the right time.

    If you do not currently have an Event Shipping Label product listed in your storefront, please reach out to your dedicated Creative Partner and they can help set one up! If you have any other questions about utilizing Event Shipping Labels, please reach out to [email protected]