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    Default Store

    A “Default Store” includes products that are stored in a Brilliant warehouse and shipped out as orders are received from users. Standard Stores can also include some basic products that must customized on an on-demand basis like notecards and badges.

    This is the most common type of store and the traditional setup, but Storefront is very powerful and can be configured to support a number of different setups. Some use cases for default stores are: 

    • Gifting store: items are stocked for teams to send to your business contacts after a great meeting, to celebrate a big milestone, and general surprise and delight.
    • New hire store: send the perfect new hire gift with just a few clicks to be shipped anywhere your new employees are. Your branded goods can say "welcome" before their first day on the job.
    • Employee store: give your teams a suite of swag to sport around by setting up a storefront with branded items for purchase.
    • Events store: say goodbye to last minute event scrambling by having deep stock of your favorite event giveaways. Since all of the items are printed and produced in advance, products can be ordered through your storefront and shipped right to the event space.

    Preorder Store

    In this setup, pre-order stores launch without any inventory to collect order details, and items are produced once orders are placed. 

    In some cases, like launching a store for the first time, the store will collect orders for a designated period, which gives you an opportunity to evaluate interest in each product, before placing an order for the store’s inventory. At the end of the order period, orders quantities are pooled so volume price breaks can be maximized and products are shipped directly to the users who placed the orders. 

    We combine all orders for each individual product to achieve minimum quantities, and will work with your team to either add units or delete that product from the group order before anything is produced. 

    Specific products, designs, available colorways, and pricing are established in advance with your Creative Partner, and you can order samples and test products before they are offered in your Preorder Store.

    Pros: Preorder mode reduces your risk that products will go unused: you only get the products your team needs when you need them, and nothing is stocked in our warehouse, so there are no storage costs. 

    • Brilliant’s Preferred Gift can help alleviate this too!

    Cons: Production takes time, and products could be unavailable when you need them. Buying products in advance and stocking them in our warehouse can also allow you to take advantage of volume price breaks, especially if you are confident of the number of each product you wish to use in a given period of time.

    On-Demand Products Store

    One topic that comes up a lot is whether producing one-off products on-demand is a feasible option for company stores. In general, we strongly recommend stocking pre-produced products in your store or running your store in Preorder mode for a few reasons, especially quality and per-unit cost.

    • Quality: the production quality of the decoration on bulk-produced products (silkscreening, pad printing, laser engraving, offset printing, embroidery) is still much better and more consistent than that of on-demand products (heat transfer, direct to garment printing, sublimation, digital printing).
    • Cost: while there is a greater upfront investment for stocking bulk-produced products, the per-unit cost is much lower.
    • Shipping Cost: on-demand products may be produced at a variety of factories. If your store users purchase multiple on-demand products together from different factories, a separate shipping charge will be incurred for each shipment to that user, often making total shipping costs very unpalatable.
    • Production Time: on-demand products take 3-5 business days (sometimes more) to produce, plus an additional several days for shipping. Adding this production time to standard shipping times leads to a poor user experience -- store users expect their purchases will arrive more quickly than that when purchasing branded products in a store context.

    If you are concerned about ordering inventory that may go unused, rather sacrifice quality and cost by using on-demand products, a Preorder Store or Preferred Gift can be great solutions. These tools reduce inventory risk, though they can add some time between placing the order and production. They can be a good way to assess the initial popularity of product selections, and the information gathered from running a these programs could be used to inform and reduce risk around future orders of stocked items. 

    Work with your Creative Partner to find the best option for you and your team!

    Gift and Reward Stores

    A Gift Store is similar to a Default Store, with just a few differences. They are often used for gift with purchase programs and employee recognition programs.

    Gift Codes / Promo Codes only: in a Gift Store, there is no option to provide a credit card to pay for purchases -- the Gift Store customer is expected to use either a promo code or a gift code(s) to complete their purchase. 

    Product selection: gift stores can be limited to the selection of 1 product only to limit users from selecting more than you want. This configuration is typically used for Gift with Purchase programs

    Store Display Settings

    Store display settings are established when setting up your store. If you wish to change your settings, please contact your Creative Partner to make those changes.

    Store Name

    The name of your store, limited to 30 characters.

    Show/Hide Stock Counts

    You have the option to show stock counts to store users or hide them.

    Send Delivery Notifications

    If Send Delivery Notifications is turned on, the store user will receive an email when each order they place is delivered.

    Subdomain or Custom Domain

    Your store will be located at **subdomain** You can choose the subdomain you wish to use, subject to availability.

    If you prefer, you have the option to use your own domain name or its subdomain (e.g., or If you would like to use SSL / https for a custom domain, you will need to provide your SSL certificate to our technology team. Please contact [email protected] with any questions about this implementation.