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    Slack Integration

    Slack Integration

    Our Slack integration is an easy way to notify you or your company’s specific account managers or salespeople when a gift is delivered. This can be set up with Brilliant's storefront platform, Salesforce integration, or any batch shipment project through our fulfillment services.

    Use these notifications to help your team make “uncannily timed” follow-up calls or emails. It’s free when you work with Brilliant.

    Enable Slack Notifications

    1. Go to the Company Settings page on Brilliant and hit Install Slack App

    2. Authorize our Brilliant Bot app to communicate with your company’s Slack. Choose a Post To channel for any general slack messages that originate from the Brilliant Bot, or select Slackbot if you’d like them to go directly to you.

    3. On your personal settings page, provide your Slack handle so we can notify you when any shipments from your orders are delivered. 

    4. Notifications are typically sent within 1 hour of delivery, but it varies depending on shipping carrier and a few other technical details.

    5. You can also provide Slack handles for notifications when you provide drop ship lists for batch shipments.

    Slack Integration available for Enterprise-level Storefronts. For Storefront pricing, review here.