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    Preferred Gift

    What is Preferred Gift?

    Preferred gift is a custom gifting tool that allows you to collect preferences and information for the most personalized gifts. Using just email addresses we can gather gift preferences, preferred apparel sizes and up-to-date shipping information to inform your branded order.

    Providing your users with a streamlined gifting experience doesn’t have to be hard, and with fulfillment by Brilliant, we make it even easier. Leave it to our warehouse team to have your gifts packaged, shipped and delivered to your recipients no matter where they are. 

    Send gifts with confidence and guarantee happier recipients. It’s science: 100% of people prefer getting gifts they want. 

    Preferred Git Value Proposition and Use Cases

    Preferred Gift is a one-of-a-kind solution to assist sending custom gifts in an easy and interactive way.

    • Through our streamlined process, reduce the need for messy spreadsheets, Google Forms, and chasing down emails with pertinent information

    • By targeting your gifting you can obtain recipient's exact information and preferences for a more personalized gifting experience

    • Provide your team and clients an interactive experience when you send them a personalized gift selection

    • Ensure your recipients security and comfort when providing details like apparel size and home addresses

    To check out a demo of the experience, click here

    How Preferred Gift Works

    Setting up a Preferred Gift

    Privacy Settings

    • When using Preferred Gift, Brilliant does not share response information, all client data is reliably stored and used strictly to inform successful gift delivery. 
    • We are committed to maintaining all data in an accurate state, guarding against unauthorized access, and expediting appropriate authorized access.
    • Brilliant uses best-in-class security for all data storage, including hosting and SaaS providers that are SOC, ISO and Privacy Shield compliant, end-to-end encryption (at rest and in transit), and industry-standard employee, contractor and information security policies
    • Ask your Creative Partner for a copy of our full data security policy if you’d like! 

    Custom UI/Branding

    • Your Preferred Gift can feature your logo, graphics and color palette, and your preferred messaging for a custom-branded gifting experience.
    • If HTML is provided, Brilliant can accommodate a fully customizable email.
    • Provide your recipients’ an opt-out button if they don’t want to take part in your Preferred Gift.
    • Your Creative Partner is here to help bring your Preferred Gift to life, so ask about any further customization options. The sky's the limit! 

    Sending Preferred Gift

    Custom Emailing by Brilliant

    With preferred gift, Brilliant is powered to send a email designed with your brand in mind. Custom messaging, and an easy link to your preferred gift tool, your gifting experience can be totally seamless to your recipients. Sending emails through Brilliant will also allow you to track open rates and detailed metrics through your Preferred Gift campaign dashboard.


    We know the way you communicate with employees and leads is valuable, so Preferred Gift can be sent out to your own contacts with a unique URL. Share in an email campaign or circulate the URL another way (e.g., on social media) to get great outreach. Brilliant can set up your Preferred Gift form so only invited respondents or anyone with a general URL can have access.

    Preferred Gift Fulfillment Options

    We've designed Preferred Gift to help with the entire gifting experience, so we have a few ways of fulfilling preferences collected through Preferred Gift. 

    Ship in Batches

    With a batch-shipping program, preferences are collected through the Preferred Gift form, and responses are consolidated to help inform what you should order (e.g., collecting sizes for apparel, giving recipients a choice in gift). Once Brilliant receives all responses, your Creative Partner will help draft your estimate with all costs, approve your art proofs, produce your order, and individual fulfillment & shipping takes place at once. 

    Many Preferred Gift use cases simply collect addresses for a secure way of gathering a drop ship list since the gift recipients will receive is the same for all. Batch-style shipping would allow you to collect address while your items are in production, and Brilliant would process all of your shipments once your items arrive to our warehouse for fulfillment.

    Ship on Response

    Our Preferred Gift is now equipped to ship responses as they are received, making for a quick and seamless fulfillment style. With an on-demand style campaign, you would produce a set of items to have stored at the Brilliant warehouse long-term, and your inventory would be linked to your Preferred Gift platform. As response information is submitted, Brilliant fulfills and ships that gift instantaneously. No more wait times for anyone submitting their response early. 

    Some considerations when using this structure of Preferred Gift include: 

    • Your gifts must be stored at the Brilliant warehouse to allow for an on-demand shipping structure.
    • Brilliant will send notifications if your stocked item is running low on inventory. If there is no stock in your main gift, your form will be deactivated. 
    • Standard warehousing fees will apply for ship on-demand Preferred Gift campaigns. 

    Preferred Gift Process

    1. Define your goals and audience with your main point of contact at Brilliant, your dedicated Creative Partner. Brilliant creates a curated catalog of product ideas for you.
    2. Iterate with your Creative Partner to choose the perfect items and preferences for your Preferred Gift program.
    3. Work with your Creative Partner to set up your preferred gift based on your needs, and determine the best method for sending and fulfilling. 
      • We’ll help you with design elements, copy, photos, privacy and accounting settings
    4. Your preferred gift launches!
    5. Track responses in real-time from the dashboard, and work with your Creative Partner to seamlessly finish collecting responses. 
    6. Get pricing and purchase inventory based on all collected responses.
      • You can also purchase your inventory in advance of launching your preferred gift, even if shipping in a batch.
    7. Inventory is delivered directly to the Brilliant warehouse, and Brilliant fulfills and ships orders collected from preferred gift.


    Pricing Structures for Preferred Gift

    Preferred Gift programs have the following costs associated with them: 

    the cost of the products to stock your Preferred Gift, including any packaging, cards, collateral, etc.
    Pick & Pack a nominal fee for packing your gifts, starting at $3 per box.
    a monthly storage fee, billed as 1% of the value of your inventory. Applies for products stored longer than 30 days and for on-demand style campaigns. Minimum fees may apply. 
    as utilized. We have competitive rates with all major shippers, and your Creative Partner will help to estimate expected costs upfront based on your campaign's structure.
    Sales Tax
    as utilized based on applicable shipments and final kit destinations.
    $250 campaign setup (includes first 3 months)
    $25 per month per campaign

    What's included:
    • Custom branded landing page (basic design services)
    • Custom branded campaign emails (basic design services)
    • Engagement dashboard
    • Super responsive and friendly recipient support
    • Design and feature customization available on request (additional cost may apply)

    For a full breakdown of fulfillment and add-on pricing, you can review here.

    Metrics and Reporting

    Each Preferred Gift project comes equipped with a custom dashboard making it easy to track real-time updates. Monitor aggregated engagement rates, see individual responses, and compare multiple campaigns to analyze engagement by segment, occasion, gift option and more. 

    Keep tabs on how performance is doing with: 

    • Number of responses

    • List of responses (searchable by name or email address)

    • Email open rate

    • Email click-through rate

    • Form completion

    • Opt outs, if enabled

    • Product selection, if applicable

    • Ship status and tracking numbers once a gift has been sent

    A CSV version of your metrics will be downloaded from your dashboard at any time and can be used to save recipients' preferences and engagement status for future occasions. To see a sample Preferred Gift dashboard, you can check it out here.

    From the dashboard, you can also add a one-off recipient to your preferred gift, and trigger individual emails to be sent from the dashboard. Work with your Creative Partner to get your desired email copy implemented into your preferred gift, but our dashboard does offer self-service features to manage your preferred gift campaign.

    Begin adding additional recipients to a live Preferred Gift

    Add recipient information for Preferred Gift from the dashboard

     Note: Brilliant does not share response information, and all addresses are solely used for the purpose of shipping gifts. 

    Preferred Gift FAQs

    • What type of information can you collect with Preferred Gift?

      The sky's the limit! Our clients often use Preferred Gift to collect information like the recipient's address, allow the recipient to choose between different gift options, or select specifics like sizes for apparel gifts, color preferences and technology specifics (Android or iPhone for smartphone accessories, for example).

      Preferred Gift can also be used to simply cull a recipient list to ensure you only send a gift to recipients who wish to receive one!

    • How does Brilliant store recipient data? What is your security policy?

      Brilliant uses best-in-class security for all data storage, including hosting and SaaS providers that are SOC, ISO and Privacy Shield compliant, end-to-end encryption (at rest and in transit), and industry-standard employee, contractor and information security policies. Please email [email protected] for a copy of our full Security Policy and Practices document.

    • What parts of the Preferred Gift experience can be customized?

      Pretty much everything! We can customize the look, feel and copy of the invitation email, the URLs, the preference collection page and the thank you page.

      We can set up your Preferred Gift form so that only invited respondents have access, or so that anyone with the URL can provide preferences.

    • Does Brilliant email my recipients for me? Can I email them myself?

      We are happy to email your recipients for you. This will allow you to track open rates in our metrics dashboard. All you need to provide is a list of email addresses.

      Alternatively, some of our clients choose to send an email themselves or circulate the URL another way (e.g., on social media).

    • Are there ways to make Preferred Gift more interactive?

      Yes, there are a few!

      You can require respondents to watch a video before they are able to provide their gift preferences. This can be helpful if you want to share a brief demo, sales video or other message with your respondents.

      You can also require respondents to calendar a meeting or provide feedback as a part of the Preferred Gift process.

    • I have more questions about Preferred Gift, or an idea for how to use it.

      Great! Feel free to Start a Project to get started, or reach out to us at [email protected].