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    Okta Integration


    1. Okta is a service that allows organizations to manage authentication and user permissions across in-house and external web/mobile apps and services.  This document discusses the installation steps necessary to integrate Brilliant Storefronts into your Okta Org.

    Through the Brilliant/Okta integration, you will have up to four types (aka. Okta Groups) of users:

    1. Company Manager

      1. Company managers have full access to company level settings and are Okta Administrators who can access any storefront and are responsible for user/group access level assignments.

    2. Storefront Administrator

      1. Storefront Administrators have Brilliant storefront level access and can place orders as well as see reports and access other tools.

    1. Storefront User

      1. Storefront Users can place orders through the storefronts they have been given group access to.

    2. Storefront Order Approver (Optional)

      1. On occasion, companies need an order approval process. To manage this, Brilliant offers additional features which will allow your company to require manager or peer order approvals and acceptance. Those who belong to this Okta group will be notified when an order needs their approval before processing.

    You will need to create one Okta Application, a Company Administrator Okta group, and two additional Storefront level Okta groups - one for Storefront Administrators and another for Storefront Users. A company can have multiple storefronts through Brilliant, and groups can be shared across these stores, and/or they can have individual groups per storefront. This affords Okta organizations flexibility and control over access levels.

    Okta Integration available for Enterprise-level Storefronts. For Storefront pricing, review here.