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    Fulfillment & Warehousing

    About Brilliant's Fulfillment Services

    We're experts in creating on-brand memorable products that deliver, literally. Whether it's for employee gifts, holiday packages, or your next sales campaign, let us get hung up on the fulfillment details so your teams can do what they do best. By using Brilliant's fulfillment services, we can help:

    • Curate a beautiful catalog of products that fit your brand, budget, timeline, and volume. Don't worry, we'll design it too.
    • Create amazing custom packaging that cuts through the clutter but meets your budget needs
    • Design impactful collateral with a strong call-to-action that enables your goals
    • Add on extra personal touches with individually addressed cards and other variably printed categories
    • Take your items to the next level with custom tissue paper, bellybands, hangtags, inserts, and stickers 
    • Pack each individual box with care so you don't have to worry
    • Manage shipments and logistics no matter where your packages are going
    • Notify you when things are delivered via email and Slack notifications

    Brilliant Fulfillment Process

    1. Define your goals and audience with your main point of contact at Brilliant, your dedicated Creative Partner.
    2. Brilliant creates a curated catalog of product ideas for you.
    3. Iterate with your Creative Partner to choose the perfect items for your kits.
      • Don't worry - we can help design them, too!
    4. Get pricing and purchase products based on number of kits needed, and approve the final product designs.
    5. Production of items begins. 
    6. Inventory is delivered directly to the Brilliant warehouse.
    7. Brilliant begins individual kitting of boxes.
    8. Your gifts ship!
    9. Track orders in real-time from your order, and you can enable email or Slack notifications when gifts are delivered.

    Pricing for Brilliant Fulfillment

    Fulfillment programs will always have the following costs associated with them, and are quoted in partnership with your Creative Partner: 

    the cost of the products that go in your kits.
    any print materials such as cards, brochures, stickers, sell sheets, and more.
    we have a variety of packaging options to fit any budget, from standard shipper boxes, polybag mailers, all the way to full custom. We'll help suggest the best packaging for your project.
    Sales Tax
    billed for any applicable shipments where tax is accrued. Tax varies based on the final delivery destination, so Brilliant typically bills for this upon the final list of individual addresses.
    We have competitive rates with USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL, and will help you select the best shipping option for your program.

    You can find a full breakdown of our fulfillment pricing here.

    Fulfillment FAQ

    • What do I need in order to kit & fulfill with Brilliant?

    Sending swag should be simple, so with Brilliant, we'll just need to know what Brilliant products you want to send, the volume of gifts, and your list of addresses we need to deliver to. You can download a version of our drop ship list template here, which we do require when providing delivery addresses for fulfillment. 

    Need help collecting addresses? We've got your back. Our Preferred Gift tool is the perfect project companion for any fulfillment project.

    • How much does it cost to fulfill gifts through Brilliant?

    Outside of the items you're looking to send, shipping, and tax, typical fulfillment costs are $2-3/box. Click here to check out a full breakdown of all costs to consider when sending fulfilled gifts.

    We're always game for unique fulfillment needs, so let us know if you have specific requirements in mind! Some projects to require special attention, packing materials, or fulfillment services (e.g., orders with a large number of individual item types/SKUs, or orders that include dangerous, restricted, fragile or perishable products). We will let you know if your project requires these additional considerations, give you specific rates if we are able to fulfill your request.

    Note: there are no specific contracts for batch kit & fulfill campaigns with Brilliant.

    • What is the timeline for fulfilling gifts through Brilliant?

    Our standard fulfillment time for items is 3-5 business days, but let your Creative Partner know if you need something done quicker - we're happy to work with your timeline!

    Fulfillment time only takes place after all items have arrived at the Brilliant warehouse, and after we have your list of addresses.

    • How can I track my kits once they ship?

    Once all shipments leave our fulfillment center, you'll receive an email with all of the tracking numbers for your order.

    We also offer many delivery notification options, such as through email or Slack (if enabled - click here to review the integration instructions). If you'd like to use these delivery notifications, you can list the Slack handle or email address you want to be notified at on your drop ship list. We can also individually send tracking numbers directly to your recipients.

    • Where can you ship to?

    Anywhere! Brilliant is fully stacked with shipping globally to any location, whether it's a recipient's home down the block or across the world.

    • How does Brilliant determine shipping costs?

    Individual shipping costs do vary based on the shipping speed, location (residential vs. commercial location, US vs. international address), package dimensions and weight. Your Creative Partner will always be able to provide estimates for any kit shipping costs. 

    • Can you fulfill outside inventory?

    We do prefer to only fulfill items that are created and produced by Brilliant.

    • I have more questions about fulfillment & kitting services, or an idea for how I want to use it.

    Great! Feel free to Start a Project to get started, or reach out to us at [email protected].