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    eGifts & Physical Gift Cards

    About eGifts

    We offer eGift and eDonation products that can be distributed instantly through Storefront (distribution through Brilliant for Salesforce coming soon). 


    eGifts are a branded digital product that include a branded email to the recipient, a branded redemption page, and a digital gift card to popular brands like Starbucks, Amazon, Chipotle, Uber and Airbnb and charities like The Nature Conservancy, (Red), American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity. In total, we offer access to over 160 gift card brands, 24 charitable organizations, and prepaid Visa cards. You can check out our Top Brands and Complete Brand List here.

    [Coming soon!] Choice eGifts. You can offer eGift recipients a choice by creating a “Choice eGift”. Choice eGifts give your recipient a choice between a few different brands, so they can redeem their gift for exactly what they want. For example, send a “Cup of Coffee” eGift, and let your recipient choose between Starbucks, Peet’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and Caribou Coffee, or a "Housewarming" eGift that lets your recipient choose between The Home Depot, Hello Fresh, or Amazon.

    How eGifts Work

    A storefront user comes to the store, selects an eGift brand to send, chooses the value of that gift card from a predefined list of options, and provides the email address of their recipient. A “gift message” can be included that will be shared with the recipient. After the eGift is purchased, a branded email is sent to the recipient, sharing details about how to redeem the gift, who sent it, and the sender’s message for the recipient. 

    If you’d like to include eGifts in your Storefront, work with your Creative Partner to select which brands and gift card denominations you want to offer, as well as setting up eGift cards for different countries. 

    eGift Value Proposition and Use Cases


    eGifts make a wonderful addition to physical gifting and incentives programs. 


    Gifts are instantaneous. No need to wait for production or transit times. Sometimes timing is critical. With eGifts, you can get that gift out right now. 


    Dollar amounts are flexible, so they can be a good way to conserve budget vs. a physical gift.  For example, sending a $5 Coffee eGift can offer a decent savings over the “cheapest” possible physical gift, which also typically include a fulfillment charge and shipping.


    A few favorite use cases for eGift cards:

    • In an early part of a sales funnel, where you’re trying to get the recipient’s attention and build up a sense of reciprocity. For example, after you’ve established contact, and want to get the recipient to take a small, costless next step, like agree to a phone call or attend a demo
    • As the first step in a sequence. For example, recipient receives a $5 Amazon gift card after taking the first call, with a promise that a branded Amazon Kindle will be given to them after they attend a software demo.
    • As a bulk gift. For example, anyone that attended an event would receive a coffee chat event would receive a Starbucks gift card instantaneously after the event.
    • As an option in user-redeemed gifting program. For example, the gift recipient is given a personal gift code, and they redeem it for their choice of a Mug, a Shopping Bag, a PopSocket and a Target Gift Card.

    Sending an eGift

    Send one or several eGifts at once from within your company store. Sign in, choose the eGift you like, and click the Send by Email button. 


    On the Details screen, provide your recipient’s email address and select the value of the eGift you’d like to send them, along with a custom message if you’d like that included in the email they receive with their eGift. Your Creative Partner can help add new denominations to your eGift store product!


    You may provide multiple email addresses here if you are sending the same gift to multiple people, or if you prefer, you may send a list of recipients and values to [email protected], and we can set up a bulk send for you. 


    Review the details on the Confirm screen and make sure everything is correct. After you hit “Finalize”, your eGifts will be purchased and emails to each of your recipients will be sent in about 30 minutes. 

    Redeeming an eGift

    Redeeming an eGift is just as easy as sending them. Recipients will receive an email with a link where they can claim their eGift code and instructions for how to use the code.

    eGift Order Tracking & Status

    You can see all of the eGifts you’ve sent by clicking “Order History” in the top nav of any page in a company store. For each eGift sent, you can check:

    • Type of eGift card and denomination
    • Recipient
    • Time sent
    • Click-through status

     You can also choose to “resend” an eGift card to a recipient if they have not clicked through the original eGift email.

    eGift Pricing and Billing

    Price Structures


    Sending an eGift have the following costs associated with them:

    eGift Value the cost of the eGifts you send. 
    Processing Fees a $2.50 fee is charged for each eGift you send. 




    eGifts are sold as they are sent, and the gift card processing fee is billed on a monthly basis. The value of the eGift can be billed monthly (just like the processing fee) or supported by credit card payments. 

    Your Creative Partner can help determine the best billing setup for offering eGifts in your Storefront!

    Physical Gift Cards

    We firmly believe that any recipient should get their perfect gift, so Brilliant offers a variety gift card offerings that can be given to individuals directly or added to any fulfillment project. Physical gift cards can be customized (based on specific specs), and your Creative Partner can help guide you through the best gift card options based on your project. 

    You can check out our complete list of Physical Gift Card offerings and details here.