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    Brilliant for Salesforce

    Brilliant for Salesforce Background

    Brilliant for Salesforce is a Salesforce app that allows clients of Brilliant to send gifts and other branded merchandise to their contacts and leads within a Salesforce Org. 

    This document discusses the functionality of the Brilliant for Salesforce app after it has been installed within your Salesforce Org. Before you start, ensure you have installed the app outlined in our Brilliant for Salesforce: Installation Guide

    Brilliant for Salesforce provides:

    1. End-user functionality for Store Users, allowing them to send pre-selected gifts and products to Contacts and Leads from within Salesforce.

    2. Administrative functionality through Brilliant Admin. Admin Users have control over users’ budgets and visibility across the entire Brilliant for Salesforce app.

    Understanding User Types

    To change user permissions: take a look on how to Assign Permission Sets in our Installation Guide:

    • Brilliant Admin User - has access to the Brilliant for Salesforce and Brilliant Admin apps and will be able to: 

      • Change Brilliant user’s budget amount and timeframe

      • Assign store’s default budget

      • View all store’s orders

      • Change Brilliant app setting including the Brilliant’s client key and secret key

      • All functionalities that a user with the Brilliant Store User permission has

    • Brilliant Store User - has access to the Brilliant for Salesforce and Brilliant Store apps and can: 

      • Create Brilliant orders for leads

      • Create Brilliant orders for contacts

      • View orders that have been sent for that lead

      • View orders that have been sent for that contact

      • View all orders that they have sent

    Brilliant will help to get your users set up on the Brilliant store in the onboarding process, but here is an overview of how to add additional users to the Brilliant Store.

    How to Send a Gift

    1. Navigate to the Contact or Lead who will be the recipient of the gift.

    2. Hit the “Send Gift” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This will launch the Brilliant for Salesforce app within your workflow. 

    3. First Tab: Select Products
      1. You will see a catalog of product options to choose from. Navigate to the product you wish to send and select it. This will add the product to your cart in the next tab.
      2. If the recipient you are targeting has already received a certain product, the product will show “Already Sent” and be greyed out in the select products page. You can still select this product and send it again if you like.
    4. Second Tab: Add Shipping Info
      1. Shipping Address: The recipient’s address will be automatically populated from their Salesforce record if an address is available. Review and modify the address if needed. Note that any changes to the address you make in this field will not be saved to your recipient’s record in Salesforce. 
      2. Add More Products: To select more products, return to the catalog page by hitting either “Add More Products” at the bottom left of the page, or “Select Gift” in the top right corner of your Contact/Lead header.
      3. Shipping Costs: Hit “Confirm Details” to calculate shipping costs and review your gift order.
    5. Third Tab: Confirm Details and Finalize
      1. Order Total: Review the order totals including shipping costs. Return to the previous tab to modify the address and recalculate shipping costs.
      2. Gift Message: If you’d like your order to include a notecard, provide a message in the “Message” field. The notecard will be printed to say exactly what you input in this field, so be sure to sign your name and provide any contact information you wish to include.
      3. When ready, hit “Send Gift”
      4. You'll receive an email confirming your order, and another email with tracking information when your order ships.

    Brilliant gifts are typically shipped within 1 business day. They are typically shipped via FedEx Ground or USPS Priority or First Class mail, so can take 1-5 business days to arrive to recipients within the US.

    Gift History

    View Gift History for a Lead or Contact

    View the history of gifts you’ve sent to a Lead or Contact

    1. Navigate to the Contact or Lead you wish to see, click Send Gift to open Brilliant for Salesforce, and click the contact’s Gift History in the upper righthand corner

    2. View order details, gift status and tracking details

    Your Gift History

    View your entire gift history for all your Contacts and Leads

    1. Navigate to the upper righthand corner. Click the dropdown button and hit “Your Gift History."

    2. View order details, gift status and tracking details

    Note: if your organization also has web store portals in place with Brilliant, orders sent to Salesforce Leads or Contacts directly from web store portals will not appear in the Brilliant for Salesforce app.

    Your Budget

    Your budget amount will always appear in the header under the Contact or Lead’s name.

    Tasks & Activities

    By default, Brilliant for Salesforce will create one Activity and one Task for each gift you send to a Lead or Contact. 

    1. Gift Sent! A completed task will be added to your Activities for a Lead or Contact when your gift is shipped to your client. This will allow you to see the order in the timeline and context of all of your past activities associated with them.

    2. Follow Up on your gift. A task will be created when a gift is delivered to your recipient.

    Other User Account Settings

    Slack Handle: If your admin has enabled our Slack integration, you can receive a notification via Slack when your gifts are delivered.

    After our Slack integration has been enabled, you will need to save your Slack handle to your Account Settings so that you receive Slack notifications by default upon package delivery. To review how to enable our Slack integration, click here.

    Brilliant for Salesforce Admin Userflow

    Brilliant Admin allows Brilliant for Salesforce admin users to manage users, their access levels and their budgets.

    1. To access Admin, open the Brilliant Admin app.
    2. Welcome to your Brilliant Admin Dashboard

    App Order History

    You can view all orders placed within your Brilliant for Salesforce app by clicking the dropdown arrow and clicking the All Gifts History button in your Admin navigation.

    Salesforce Budget Controls

    From your Admin navigation, go to “Admin Settings”

    Set Default Budget

    • On this page, you can set a Default Budget that will apply to each user that has access to your Brilliant for Salesforce app unless you adjust their budgets individually
    • To set the Default Budget, click the “Edit” 
    • If you do not wish to set a budget, check the “unlimited” checkbox.
    • Input the budget amount and select the timeframe that the budget applies to: you can select between Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. Click the Save when done.
      • Each user to whom the Default Budget applies to will have their budget reset to the designated amount every designated time frame for each user
      • Unused budgets do not roll over

    Set Individual User Budgets

    You can override the default budget on a per-user basis on the Brilliant Users page. 

    1. From your Admin navigation, go to Brilliant Users to access a list of your users
    2. Click [Edit] on the left side of the user row you want to edit
    3. Override the default budget by inputting a user budget. After clicking Save, hit “Refresh List” at the bottom left of your users list to see your updated changes.

    Salesforce Batch Gifts and Task Creation

    • A Batch Gift is where the same gift or item or set of items is sent to many recipients at the same time, from either one or multiple “senders” within your organization. If you would like to provide Brilliant with a dropship list instead of having your Salesforce users send individual gifts to each recipient in the batch, this is considered a Batch Gift
    • When sending a batch gift, you will work directly with your Creative Partner to set up rules for how Tasks will be created relative to the shipments in your Batch Gift
    • Brilliant will ask you:
      • Whether a completed “Gift Sent” task should be created when the gift is shipped
      • What the subject and description of that Gift Sent task should be 
      • Whether an open “Follow Up” task should be created when the gift is delivered
      • What the due date of that task should be relative to the delivery date of the shipment
      • What the subject and description of that Follow Up task should be

    • You will also need to provide a drop ship list using this template that includes the unique Salesforce ID of the recipient (e.g., 0031I00000dbbH2QAI) and the Salesforce username or email address of the person who will own the tasks associated with that shipment