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    Brilliant for Salesforce

    What is Brilliant for Salesforce?

    Brilliant for Salesforce is an end-to-end solution for storage and distribution of branded merchandise, all without leaving Salesforce. Brilliant for Salesforce allows your team to engage prospects and clients with timely gifts completely through your regular Salesforce interface.

    Well-executed physical gifts cut through the digital clutter, helping account executives and salespeople grab attention, cultivate leads, close deals, strengthen relationships, and increase retention.

    Brilliant for Salesforce includes creative development of gift packages, full-service warehousing and fulfillment for your goods, plus access to merchandise through Salesforce, making it easy and intuitive for your team to send gifts, track status, and understand relevant metrics.

    Your Salesforce users simply choose a lead or contact, select a gift to send, customize the gift message, and hit “Send.” We'll handle the rest.

    Why Systemic Gifting?

    Sales professionals know that it takes multiple “touches” to convert a lead into a client. Systemic Gifting uses gifts as strategic “touches” to impact your sales and business goals. For existing clients, gifts can help—Improve retention

    • Regain momentum
    • Increase engagement
    • Keep your company top-of-mind 

    In addition to supporting sales cadences, here are some other goals Systemic Gifting supports.

    • Show appreciation 
    • Celebrate milestones and recurring personal events (like birthdays) 
    • Incentivize referrals and other activities 
    • Expand influence within an organization (with a “shareable” gift) 
    • Reward Programs 

    How Brilliant for Salesforce Works

    1. Define your goals and audience with your Creative Partner 
    2. Brilliant creates a curated lookbook of product and kit ideas for you 
    3. Work with your Creative Partner to develop the perfect packages for your program 
      • Don’t forget custom packaging and collateral! 
    4. Get pricing and purchase inventory based on expected volume 
    5. The Brilliant Tech team will coordinate with an admin from your team to set up Brilliant for Salesforce
    6. Inventory is delivered directly to the Brilliant warehouse 
    7. Send gifts with just a few clicks, through Salesforce or our web portal 
    8. Brilliant fulfills orders as they come in 
    9. Receive an email or Slack notification when each gift is delivered 
    10. Track orders in real-time from your dashboard and within Salesforce 
    11. Enjoy (and measure) the results! 

    Salesforce Integration Features

    Customized Brilliant store within Salesforce 

    Full service gift package development, including branded product sourcing, selection, design and production, packaging and collateral, including the ability to add a unique gift message with each shipment 

    Shipping and delivery notifications within Salesforce, via email and Slack 

    Robust administrative options, including user/admin management and budget management 

    Reporting and analytics to measure the impact of your gifting program on opportunities, revenue and more 

    Brilliant for Salesforce is compatible with the Enterprise, Unlimited and Performance editions of Salesforce 

    See exactly what contacts have been sent with in-depth gift history to avoid repeat gifting

    Our Salesforce Integration is optional and you can still send gifts without using it. Clients who send gifts without Salesforce send gifts in batches or through our web portal.


    Brilliant for Salesforce programs have the following ongoing costs associated with them:

    Salesforce Integration

    a monthly license fee based on your company’s total number of Salesforce users (your Creative Partner can share specifics)


    the cost of the products that go in your Brilliant for Salesforce store, including packaging and collateral


    a monthly storage fee, billed as 1% of the value of your inventory (minimum of $50 per month) 

    Pick & Pack

    a fulfillment fee based on the number of SKUs and add-on packaging. For a full breakdown of fulfillment and add-on pricing, you can review here


    as utilized. We have competitive rates with USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL, and will help you select the best shipping option for your program 

    We charge an initial one-time Brilliant for Salesforce program setup fee, starting at $1,000 (based on selected features). Please reach out to your Creative Partner for custom pricing. 

    Brilliant for Salesforce FAQ

    What version of Salesforce do we need to use Brilliant for Salesforce

    Brilliant for Salesforce is compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited and Performance editions of Salesforce. 

    Can I send gifts without Salesforce? 

    Yes! We can set you up with a custom web portal for ad hoc gift sending, or send gifts in batches if you prefer. Ask your Creative Partner for details. 

    How quickly can we get Brilliant for Salesforce up and running? 

    A basic Brilliant for Salesforce program can be developed and launched, with gifts all ready to ship, in about 2 weeks. Some programs and products may take longer than others, and for many companies, gift inventory and options evolve over time. 

    What can we send? 

    Nearly anything you can think of! Your Creative Partner will work with you to source and produce unique, attention-grabbing products that will help your team accomplish its goals. 

    Can we ship internationally? 

    Yes. Though we are based in the US, Brilliant is experienced in shipping to over 150 countries. We can provide local warehousing options if you will be regularly shipping within a particular region to cut both costs and transit time.